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In Her Shoes Challenge

African Woman w/ Baby in Sling on Savannah

Circle of Health International launched its second annual In Her Shoes Campaign to raise awareness of maternal and infant malnutrition around the world. You are challenged to eat the limited diet of a woman in a developing country for three days, raise funds and increase understanding of this global problem to ultimately improve maternal and child health.


MD for Moms Radio | Isabel Smith, Nutritionist | Healthy Holidays | Nov 2nd, 2016

Nutritionist Isabel Smith

This week on MD for Moms, Dr. Carly Snyder and Nutritionist and Wellness Coach Isabel Smith will explore how to remain healthy and fit during the holidays without sacrificing taste or losing any of the joy associated with family meals. We will explore healthy cooking options and discuss things to consider when eating out, as well as exercise tips and overall wellness suggestions during the holiday season. Be sure to listen Wednesday at 1pm EST on TuneIn radio and the BBM Global Network or any time on the


MD for Moms Radio | Erin Borbet, Chinese Herbalist | Time For A Holistic Consultation | July 6th, 2016

www.erinborbet.comPhoto attribution: Erin Borbet: Holistic Consultations for Women. Custom Botanicals, Personalized Nutrition and Intuitive Coaching for Lasting Transformation.

On Wednesday July 6th, 2016, at 1pm, Dr Carly Snyder and Erin Borbet, acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Doula will discuss the benefits and wisdom behind using specially tailored botanicals acupuncture, and nutrition plans to optimize fertility, balance postpartum hormones and maximize daily wellness.


A Glossary of Terms

Open DictionaryPhoto attribution: "Dictionary" by greeblie (Flickr)

Every field has its own lingo and frequently used terms, and medicine is no different. Often words can have multiple meanings, and various definitions. It can be helpful to have a consistent definition when reading my website and blog, so as to minimize uncertainty and to allow you to read with assurance everyone is on the same page.