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MD for Moms Radio | Kendall Callahan | Eating with Purpose | Jan. 11th 2017

Mantra Munchies LogoPhoto attribution: Mantra Munchies - Kendall Callahan

Dietary choices can improve the body’s ability to cope with stress and with hormonal changes. Learn how to eat to combat your physical and emotional symptoms based on your body composition with Mantra Munchies founder Kendall Callahan; join the conversation with Dr Carly Snyder on this episode of MD for Moms and maximize your body’s health! Have a question, call us live and we will answer you live on air: 855-856-1380


MD for Moms Radio | Erin Borbet | Stress-Free Holidays | Dec.14th, 2016

www.erinborbet.comPhoto attribution: Erin Borbet: Holistic Consultations for Women. Custom Botanicals, Personalized Nutrition and Intuitive Coaching for Lasting Transformation.

This week on MD for Moms with Dr. Carly Snyder, Chinese Herbalist, Doula, and Licensed Acupuncturist Erin Borbet will provide tips and suggestions for maintaining health and staying stress-free during the Holidays. How can you feel good physically and emotionally instead of becoming overwhelmed and stressed out? How can you keep that healthy attitude going strong for the upcoming new year? Tune in to find out. Have a question during the show? Call in and ask live: 855-856-1380