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Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer: My Top Product Picks For 2017

Photo attribution: Summer is upon us, which means lots of sun, swimming and fun outdoors.
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Wearable Sun Protection:

Kids and parents should layer with sun-protective clothes and opt for rash guards for extra swim-time protection. Cabana Life is my go-to company for chic swimsuits and coverups and cute, functional rash guard/swimsuits for my kids. Your child will outgrow their Cabana Life bathing suit before it wears out. Use the coupon code CarlySnyder20 for 20% off! Additionally, always outfit yourself and your child with a hat and sunglasses. Interestingly, not only are sunglasses important for protecting eyes, but they block a complex process that ends up with a darkening of those unsightly lip lines or melasma some of us retained after pregnancy.


Below are my three favorite sunscreen brands. Check out the Environmental Working Group's list of top sunscreens for a more comprehensive list of the best and worst to see if your pick is making the grade. Don't forget to apply enough (1Tbs or more) and reapply at least every 2 hours.

Bug / Tick Spray:

Summer means battling mosquitoes and other nasty bugs. If you live in parts of South Florida or Texas, mosquitoes may carry Zika. Elsewhere, mosquitoes continue to pose a small but real risk for West Nile Virus.  Mosquito bites are also just annoying and itchy. The CDC and other regulatory agencies suggest DEET to ward off mosquitoes, though some say picaridin is superior. Ticks are out in full force in the North East this year, which increases the risk for Lyme Disease. Prevention includes frequent tick checks, bug spray, and knowing what to do if a tick is found. You can send a tick to Tick Report to find out within three days if the the tick carried any disease-causing microbes, and then opt for antibiotics if indicated based on the results.  

Think I missed something? Did I forget your favorite brand or product? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you.

Save Save Save">Keep summer fun and safe with Dr. Carly Snyder's top picks for swim, sun and pest protection.

Keep summer fun and safe with Dr. Carly Snyder’s top picks for swim, sun and pest protection.