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Sleep Tips for New Moms

Baby Asleep on Mom's BosomPhoto attribution: Caring Mother by Pawel Loj (Flickr)

Having a new baby means saying goodbye to sleep, right? Not necessarily. Sleep is as essential as water to sustain life, and this doesn’t change postpartum. In fact, during the healing time after delivery, sleep is even more important. Not only can sleep be restorative, but failure to sleep enough increases the chance of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.


A Glossary of Terms

Open DictionaryPhoto attribution: "Dictionary" by greeblie (Flickr)

Every field has its own lingo and frequently used terms, and medicine is no different. Often words can have multiple meanings, and various definitions. It can be helpful to have a consistent definition when reading my website and blog, so as to minimize uncertainty and to allow you to read with assurance everyone is on the same page.