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MD for Moms Radio | Brian Levine, MD | Demystifying Fertility Treatment | July 13th 2016

Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr Brian Levine

On this week’s MD for Mom’s on the BBM Global Network and TuneIN Radio, Dr’s Carly Snyder and Brian Levine will discuss fertility treatments, including what options exist, who should consider treatment and when. We will also review egg freezing and ways to optimize fertility early. Dr. Levine will share insights into the current Zika Virus risk for pregnant women living in the US and how to remain safe this Summer.


A Glossary of Terms

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Every field has its own lingo and frequently used terms, and medicine is no different. Often words can have multiple meanings, and various definitions. It can be helpful to have a consistent definition when reading my website and blog, so as to minimize uncertainty and to allow you to read with assurance everyone is on the same page.