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Guest Post: Painful Sexual Intercourse

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Dyspareunia (dys*pa*reu*nia) means painful sexual intercourse.  The pain can occur with initial penile penetration, and/or during thrusting, and may even be there after intercourse (an after-effect). What are the causes of painful sex (dyspareunia)? There are quite a few, including Naturally, when intercourse is painful, the woman will want to avoid the act. Furthermore, she may also


Michele Hamburger | Autoimmune Diseases and How One Institute Is Working To Improve The Broken Medical System | September 9th, 2020 | MD for Moms Radio attribution:

Dr. Carly Snyder interviews Michele Hamburger, Executive Director of the Frances Hamburger Institute about autoimmune diseases and how to improve patient care on her radio show/podcast MD for Moms.