My Guest Post on 5 Steps To Gaining Control When You Are Anxious, Mama

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Anxious Woman Biting Her NailsPhoto attribution: Photo Attribution: Francesco, Flickr

I am honored and excited to share an article I wrote that was published on the website today. As explained on their website, ‘Motherly was born to send expert ideas and mom-to-mom inspiration to women exactly when they need it.’ This is a really well curated, positively-focused information source that I encourage you to check out.

Here is a taste of my article:

From working with many women in my practice, I have developed a method that allows women to tackle their overwhelming anxiety without considering it the ultimate enemy. My approach involves taming and redirecting this energy in a way that makes it a beneficial tool for motherhood.

My 5 step strategy for empowerment over excess anxiety is called FINCE. (Remember: You will be FINE with a little dose of CALM). Focus, identify, normalize, compartmentalize and engage

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