Shhh… Don’t Wake The New Mommy

Original Writing | Peri-Natal Psychiatry
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Check out my new guest blog post on Yummy Mummy about why new moms need adequate sleep. Resting with a baby in the house may seem impossible, but with some planning and collaboration, it is achievable:

Newborns are natural night Owls. Infants often sleep throughout the day, but wake up like clockwork every three hours to eat all night long. This schedule puts new moms in a predictably difficult position. Add in recuperating from delivery, hormonal changes and the incredible emotional roller coaster every new mom experiences and you have a recipe for an incredibly exhausted, often overwhelmed and potentially unhappy new mom.

Prolonged sleep deprivation is an almost certain way to ensure a new mom will start to feel tearful, sad, and irritable. Remember how you felt in college after you pulled an all-nighter and then took a big test or handed in a term paper? That dull ache, mild nausea, the irritability and the general loss of pleasure? All you wanted to do was sleep, not talk to anyone or do anything, just sleep. Now imagine multiplying that from one night to weeks on end – pretty awful, right? That’s what we consider normal for new mothers, but there is nothing normal and nothing healthy about it.

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