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This week on MD for Moms, I’ll be interviewing Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley of Physicians Helping Physicians about the process of transitioning from a clinical to a non-clinical career. Why would a physician stop practicing medicine and what alternatives do they have following training? How can a clinician change careers without losing out financially or otherwise? How much does burnout play into a person’s decision to leave medicine and why should patients be aware of burnout and care? This show sounds like it is focused on doctors, but it is actually applicable to anyone who has ever considered changing courses in life and wants some insight into how to make a change as easily as possible.

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Dr Michelle Mudge-Riley

Michelle Mudge-Riley DO, MHA is a physician and peer mentor/coach. She has spent the past 13 years assisting physicians and medical students with career strategy. The doctors she works with are interested in using their degree in a non-traditional way, exploring a non-clinical career, optimizing their skills and passions within their career and rediscovering meaning and purpose in their work. Dr. Mudge-Riley was called the “Doctor’s Doctor” in a 2010 book she co-authored because of her success in working with other doctors. The book is titled Physicians in Transition.

Dr. Mudge-Riley received her medical degree from Des Moines University Osteopathic Medical School and her Masters Degree in Health Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Mudge-Riley has conducted seminars and spoken on topics related to change management, career transition, motivation, physician burnout mitigation, wellness and health education at Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) annual conferences. She has also been published in a variety of books and journals including Physicians Practice Magazine, ConsultantLive, The Physician Executive Journal and The D.O.

Twitter: @mudgeriley

FB: @mudgeriley

Instagram: @drmudgeriley

YouTube: Physicians Helping Physicians

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