MD for Moms Radio | MDOC: Dr. Deborah Alpert | Women & Autoimmune Diseases | April 26th 2017

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This week on MD for Moms, I’ll be interviewing rheumatologist Dr. Deborah Alpert about the unique effects of autoimmune diseases on women. Struggling to conceive? Having a hard time keeping a pregnancy? Or perhaps you feel great during pregnancy but afterwards crash and feel terrible… all of these may be due to unseen forces of autoimmunity where the body’s immune system goes awry and attacks rather than protects.

There are over 100 illnesses under the umbrella of ‘autoimmunity.’ These are often serious, chronic illnesses that affect women 3x more than men. Women often start feeling sick during their childbearing years, and sadly it can take years before a proper diagnosis is made. Reproductive health and ability to function and enjoy motherhood can be severely impacted by an untreated autoimmune disease.

Tune in to learn common symptoms and consequences of various autoimmune diseases as well as diagnostic workups and treatment options. Dr. Alpert  will also speak about how she has established a healthy work-life balance and will suggest ways for other mothers to follow her lead.

Have questions about autoimmune diseases? How about work-life balance as a working mom? Ask Dr. Deborah Alpert LIVE on air: 855-856-1380

Learn more about my guest, Dr. Deborah Alpert:

Dr, Deborah Alpert is a full-time practicing rheumatologist with Hackensack Meridian Health in Neptune City, NJ. She sees outpatients and inpatient consults at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.  Dr. Alpert is also the principal investigator for various clinical trials and registries, and she teaches medical residents and medical students.  In addition to being an incredible physician, Dr. Alpert is a mom of two boys (ages 13 and 8), and an avid recreational runner.

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