MD for Moms Radio | Pamela Hirsch & Allison Kasirer | Trying to Conceive | Aug 2nd 2017

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This week on MD for Moms, I interview Pamela Hirsch, founder of Baby Quest, and Allison Kasirer, founder of FertileGirl to discuss fertility plus how women can optimize their health and minimize stress while trying to conceive. Pamela and Allison also share a passion for helping women facing infertility and both actively work towards empowering women through their respective organizations.

Struggling to conceive is common, yet many feel the need to hide their difficulties due to unnecessary shame. FertileGirl and Baby Quest aim to remove the veil of secrecy surrounding infertility such that women feel safe talking about their experiences together.

Choosing foods wisely and eating healthier options is one way to be in control of the fertility process. Allison Kasirer realized this during her road to parenthood, but additionally noted the dearth of tasty choices available. Fast forward only a few months and many, many long hours and FertileGirl was born. Allison will explain her journey as well as how FertileGirl is revolutionizing the discussion around fertility.

Even with the best nutrition and most positive attitude, one thing is undeniable: fertility treatments are incredibly expensive. Pamela Hirsch founded BabyQuest with the goal of helping one couple at a time fulfill their dream of parenthood that would otherwise be financially impossible.

Learn more about my guests, Pamela Hirsch and Allison Kasirer:

Pamela Hirsch, Founder, BabyQuest

Pamela Hirsch is the founder of Baby Quest Foundation, a non-profit charity whose mission is to provide financial assistance to those who cannot afford the high cost of procedures such as ivf, gestational surrogacy, egg and sperm donation, egg freezing, and embryo donation.  Baby Quest is the result of Pamela’s having witnessed her younger daughter’s long struggle with infertility, ending with two children each carried by surrogates. Since 2011, the charity has awarded 70 grants and has seen the birth of 44 babies with 10 more to come.  Grants are awarded twice yearly to deserving recipients throughout the U.S. Prior to establishing Baby Quest, Pamela was the owner of a branch of The Princeton Review test prep company. She holds a degree in French and Spanish from the University of Illinois and a Master’s Degree in French from Santa Clara University.

Facebook: @BabyQuestFoundation

Allison Kasirer, Founder, FertileGirl

Allison Kasirer is the founder of FertileGirl, a pre-pregnancy nutrition company and community. Born out of her personal fertility struggles and journey, FertileGirl’s mission is to change the conversation around fertility and empower women to make healthy choices. What first started as an online community has evolved into a consumer foods brand that recently launched its first product: superfood nutrition bars. A portion of FertileGirl’s proceeds are donated to Baby Quest Foundation, a nonprofit that provides grants to couple who can’t afford the high price of fertility treatments. Prior to launching FertileGirl, Allison worked in the financial services industry, working for seven years at J.P. Morgan’s Corporate & Investment Bank. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Facebook: @FertileGirl

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