MD for Moms Radio | Elvie Kegel Exercise Trainer | July 26th 2017

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This week on MD for Moms, I interview Cecile Urrea, advisor for Elvie, the first and only award winning kegel exercise trainer. Bladder control issues affect more women than seasonal allergies do, yet we never talk about the former, right? The time to discuss these issues is now, and we will on this week’s show.

Women are expected to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles with kegels, though few of us know how and even fewer of us actually try. Elvie takes the guesswork out of kegels, also making the exercises fun. Using Blue tooth technology, Elvie connects to your phone and leads you through pelvic floor workouts.

Weak pelvic floor muscles affect many women often with embarrassing consequences. These muscles sit like a hammock between your tailbone and your pelvic bone; weakness leads to things like poor bladder control, less enjoyable sex, and even prolapse.  And it only takes 5 minutes a day, three or more days a week. The question is, why haven’t we all tried Elvie yet?

Learn more about my guest, Cecile Urrea:

Now a trusted advisor, Cecile Urrea was until recently the US General Manager at Elvie, a London-based technology company. Elvie is behind a line of expert-approved products for women’s health and wellness. She was in charge of the rapid growth in the US of their first product, the award-winning kegel tracker – improving the strength and endurance of women’s pelvic floor. Helping them stay one step ahead in the US, she developed key partnerships and ran all aspects of local marketing & commercial support from PR, to business development to community expansion. She is an experienced marketer who got her start at international marketing communication agencies and she has worked with many global lifestyle and beauty brands. Based in NY, she continues to be Elvie’s number one fan and serves as a consultant for women’s led initiatives while trying to keep-up with her lively six year-old twins.




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