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This week on MD for Moms, I interview entrepreneur, mom, and child psychiatrist Dr. Zabina Bhasin, aka Dr. Zee, about her company In Kidz, which strives to improve children’s understanding of the diverse world around them through Culture Boxes.

Expanding our children’s appreciation and awareness of other cultures is imperative because kids who understand our differences and embrace the idea that everyone is unique will go on to be empathic, engaged adults.

Beyond traveling to another country, which is often hard and is now impossible due to COVID, how can parents expose their children to other ways of living, traditions, and perspectives? How can our kids realize the value of diversity? One answer is through In Kidz Culture Boxes. Each Culture Box is designed to teach kids about a specific country and its culture through educational materials, books, arts and crafts, recipes, a flag, and other items.

On this week’s show, Dr. Zee explains how she approaches cultural differences as a parent and a physician and explains how and why she founded In Kidz subscription boxes. She describes the process of curating each box and what goes into the final product.

The world is a vast, culturally diverse, and amazing place. Our kids deserve the opportunity to be curious, to explore, and to realize the beauty in our differences as well as our inherent similarities.  

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Dr. Zabina Bhasin is an entrepreneur, child psychiatrist, and mother of two. Founder of In KidZ subscription box, she has a passion for children and teaching them how to be culturally competent in today’s society. The InKidZ subscription box delivers the world’s cultures every other month to families to raise global citizens’ next generation.


On Instagram and Facebook @inkidzco Dr. Zee Instagram: @zabina_bhasin

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