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This week on MD for Moms, I interview Urogynecologist / OBGYN Dr. Yashika Dooley about her revolutionary weight loss program that empowers women to ‘show up for themselves and feel confident in their skin, regardless of their age.’ Rather than providing a quick fix or an unrealistic plan that isn’t sustainable, Dr. Dooley teaches women how to master their metabolisms and curb their cravings for sustained, long term weight change. 

Dr. Dooley provides us with doable daily exercises and explains how to establish a healthy fitness plan to maximize weight loss and improve overall health. We review how to incorporate exercise into everyday life even during quarantine and how to get the family involved also. Dr. Dooley also gives us meal prep tips and recipes that everyone will enjoy. 

Many of us have found it difficult to remain as active and motivated while in quarantine. Many are also gaining weight and feeling sluggish. This week’s show provides practical and doable tips to help us get back on track towards optimal health for the short and long term to feel and look our best. 

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Dr. Yashika Dooley, headshot
Dr. Yashika Dooley, headshot

Dr. Yashika Dooley is an fellowship trained board certified Urogynecologist who is passionate about women’s health care and training the next generation of female pelvic surgeons. She earned her medical degree at Harvard Medical School.  After completing residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, she did sub-specialty training Loyola in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery while earning a Masters in Clinical Research. She is passionate about women’s health and teaching women how to stop the food cravings and lose weight permanently.  Her goal is to help women show up for themselves and feel confident in their skin regardless of their age.

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Dr. Dooley has a free 30 day stop the food cravings and master your metabolism challenge with quick start how to lose weight permanently videos included if anyone wants to join the free challenge.

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