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This week on MD for Moms, I interview 

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Tracy Asamoah about teen emotions, moods and how COVID has changed the way teenagers are experiencing such pivotal years. Teenagers are moody, easily frustrated and at times rude – none of this is new. They also are often inherently social and want to be away from the family in favor of having experiences with their peers. COVID has stripped many of the rites of passage of going to house parties, going to the movies, let alone consistently being in school. Middle and High Schools are currently open, but most have strict guidelines to limit social interactions plus mask mandates, making it difficult to connect with others. Dr. Asamoah discusses with us how these changes are impacting teenagers, what to look for as signs your child is struggling and how to help. 

We also dive into the topics of neurobehavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD, Autism plus learning disabilities to review how kids are properly diagnosed and treater. We focus on how these children may be having an even harder time now than most, and ways to continue to support and help them through the many changes and transitions associated with normal adolescence and with COVID. 

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Dr Tracy Asamoah, headshot

Dr Tracy Asamoah, headshot

For my 6th birthday, I received “My Book About Me” by Dr Seuss and Roy McKie. Among other things, I learned that I had 20 teeth, curly dark hair and 12 stairs in my house. All perfectly useful bits of information at that time in my life. Fast forward a bit and after some time in San Francisco going to medical school and a few more years in Los Angeles finishing my residency/fellowship, I’ve learned a couple of more things about myself.  Namely: I love working with children, adolescents and families to live better lives; I am fascinated by how the developing brain works; and I still have curly dark hair.

I have taken all of this great stuff that I have learned about myself, the field of psychiatry and the world, and used it to craft my practice. That means I can take time really getting to know the people who come to me for help. I can approach each individual from a whole person perspective. My interventions integrate therapy, medication, nutrition, spirituality, personal relationships or anything else relevant to the individual and their family. This is where true healing can begin.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about me. I’m excited to continue my own self-exploration and I am happy that I landed in Austin to continue my journey.

Website: https://www.tracyasamoahmd.com

11701 Bee Caves Road
Suite 207
Austin, TX 78738

512-400-0344 p
888-972-9291 f



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