Dr. Tracey Agnese | Keeping Mama and Baby Healthy and Happy In The ‘Fourth Trimester’ | April 28th, 2021 | MD for Moms Radio

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This week on MD for Moms, I interview Pediatrician Dr. Tracey Agnese about the so-called ‘fourth trimester,’ and how to make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Having a newborn isn’t easy. Whether it’s baby number one or if you’re a veteran mom of many, bringing home a newborn means your life is drastically changing. On a whole, this is a positive change, but sometimes it doesn’t feel as such when you’re in the throes of it. Mom often takes on much of the responsibilities and rarely (in our culture) does anyone focus on her needs and recovery once the pregnancy ends. This is a pivotal time for a new family, and unfortunately too often women are left to fend for themselves, which can be a setup for sadness and the development of a postpartum mood disorder.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Agnese knows all about the newborn stage and has seen many new moms suffer needlessly. We explore how other cultures do a better job of taking care of mom and what we can learn from them. There are also things moms can do before delivery to enhance and safeguard their postpartum mood, and Dr. Agnese provides tips and suggestions during our show. She also helps us understand what normal baby behaviors can seem scary (but aren’t), and what behaviors indicate it’s time to call the doctor, plus much, much more. 

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Dr Tracey Agnese, headshot

Dr Tracey Agnese, headshot

Tracey Agnese, MD has been a Pediatrician in NYC for over ten years.  She practices clinically in private practice on the Upper West Side.  

As a Pediatrician and a mom, Dr. Agnese knows how difficult it is to have and care for a newborn baby.  She also knows that new moms often neglect taking care of themselves, and wants to change that.

You can find Dr. Agnese on social media as @babydocmama where she strives to simplify newborn baby care and help decrease the overwhelm and confusion that is so common after having a baby.

Dr. Agnese received her medical degree from SUNY Downstate and did her pediatrics residency at NYU.



IG/FB/YouTube: @babydocmama





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