MD for Moms Radio | Dr. Tiffany Rhodes | Pregnancy From An OB’s POV | July 12th 2017

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OB Gyn Dr Tiffany Rhodes

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This week on MD for Moms, I interview OBGYN Dr. Tiffany Rhodes about pregnancy and routine GYN issues. Why do OB’s order so many tests, and also why are the tests done on certain weeks? Are C-Sections done too commonly and should a woman ever refuse one? Hear about home births and placenta encapsulation from the OB/GYN perspective. Is Zika an ongoing problem for pregnant women in the US and if so, how can women in affected areas reduce risk? Ticks are rampant this year and Lyme disease is a big problem. Does such exposure pose any risk for a developing fetus or baby and if so, what steps can mom-to-be take to protect herself and her baby in case of exposure?

We will explore common gynecological concerns like HPV and frequency of pap smears, in addition to effective treatments for yeast infections and birth control options after baby. How often do women really need to see their GYN for pap smears, and furthermore will having HPV effect future pregnancy? Also, birth control options abound; which options are best for which women? Explore the pros and cons of IUDs versus birth control pills, and how your hormones can be effected.

Learn more about my guest, Dr. Tiffany Rhodes

Tiffany Rhodes, MD is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist. She received her medical degree from Texas Tech University of Medicine and subsequently completed obstetrics and Gynecology residency at the Greenville Hospital System in Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Rhodes is a practicing OB/GYN at the Upstate OB/GYN Group in Greenville, South Carolina. Additionally, Dr. Rhodes is mom to her 9 y/o son, plus has 3 dogs and loves college football.




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