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This week on MD for Moms, I interview Clinical Cardiologist Dr. Sam Raza about women’s heart health. Dr. Raza is an expert in all things heart related and dives into why women need to be aware of their cardiovascular health from an early age. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, specifically being the cause of roughly 1 in 3 female deaths yearly. Think this is just a problem for older women? Think again… according to the CDC, about 1 in 16 women age 20 and older suffer from Coronary Artery Disease, the most common form of heart disease.

People often think that because they are fit or slim, they are not a candidate for cardiovascular diseases. But, unfortunately, a person can be physically fit and still have high cholesterol due to dietary choices and/or genetics. Lifestyle choices like smoking and other things can also impact your cardiovascular health. Another barrier to appropriate diagnosis is that men and women experience cardiac symptoms differently. The commonly considered cardiac symptoms are most often experienced by men, so women may be experiencing symptoms from a heart related condition and not realize it.

On this week’s MD for Moms, we explore why understanding the status of ones cardiovascular health is so important and ways to preemptively reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease. Dr. Raza explains the benefit of certain dietary choices and other wellness options to improve health and why doing so is of such vital importance. 

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Dr. Sam Raza is a Clinical Cardiologist with expertise in advanced cardiac imaging which includes advanced echocardiography and cardiac CT. Originally from London, England, she earned her medical degree from the esteemed Imperial College School of Medicine in London where she graduated with Distinction and Honors. After completing her Internal Medicine Residency, she served in a leadership role as Chief Medical Resident. She completed her Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center her Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (CT) Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr Raza’s focus is on the use of cardiac imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic cardiovascular issues and she has a special interest in Preventive Cardiology, diet, Lifestyle and Wellness. Dr. Raza uses a patient-centered approach in her care to her patients. She takes the time to get to know her patients and uses the latest data and patient preferences in her decision making. 

Dr Raza is active on social media and has been named among the Top Cardiologists to Follow on Twitter. She has published internationally and has been named among the top influencers at major Cardiology conferences. She has recently published on the role of Social Media in Cardiology in major Cardiology journals. She has been invited to share her expertise at international Cardiology conferences and has been invited to speak at the American College of Cardiology meetings. She sits on national Cardiology committees and is invited to speak regularly on local radio shows about heart disease. She is passionate about raising awareness for heart disease in women with the American Heart Association Go Red campaign. A Londoner by birth and at heart, she lives in Dallas with her husband, Dr. Sadi Raza and their two children. You can follow Dr Raza on Twitter @SamRRazaMD and on Instagram: @drsamraza.


Residency: Chief Resident, University of Vermont, Robert Larner College of Medicine.

Fellowship: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Fellowship: Johns Hopkins University.

HeartPlace Baylor Plano

4716 Alliance Boulevard, Suite 470

Plano, Texas, 75093

Twitter: @SamRRazaMD

Instagram: @drsamraza

Sam Raza, MD FACC Cardiologist

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