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Food Allergy Fix by Sakina Bajowala MD

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This week on MD for Moms, I’ll be interviewing  pediatric allergist and immunologist Dr. Sakina Bajowala about how she treats children with severe allergies. We will discuss the cause for some allergies, common forms of allergies that impact kids and how parents  can try to reduce the risk of allergies. Unlike classic treatment for allergies using desensitization, Dr. Bajowala treats with oral and sublingual immunotherapy. We will discuss her approach as well as her new book, The Food Allergy Fix, and her blog, Achoo, Adventures of an Allergist Mom.

Should playgrounds be nut free? When should children first try peanuts and why do some kids develop severe allergies and others do not. What is FPIES and EoE and can either condition improve? What are the common signs of an allergic reaction and how should parents respond if they think their child has a food allergy? We will explore these topics and much more on this episode of MD for Moms.

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Learn more about my guest, Dr. Sakina Bajowala:

Sakina Bajowala, M.D. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

DR. SAKINA SHIKARI BAJOWALA is a board-certified adult and pediatric allergist and immunologist with a passion for patient education and advocacy. In her private allergy practice, she helps her young patients overcome food allergies through precision-focused sublingual and oral immunotherapy. As an allergy sufferer herself and a mother to allergic children, Dr. Bajowala is known for her compassionate bedside manner and individualized treatment plans that draw from a variety of medical disciplines. She believes in educating and empowering patients to optimize health by teaching them to understand how their bodies work. Visit SakinaBajowala.com.


Twitter handle: @allergistmommy

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