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This week on MD for Moms, I interview physician and life coach Dr. Prianca Naik about ways to reduce stress and enjoy life as a working mom. Juggling the many responsibilities of life can be understandably intense and often causes anxiety. Women often struggle to say no, so we end up doing too much in too little time. There is little room for joy in this model, which is unfortunate and unnecessary. Dr Naik helps professional mothers feel empowered to make life-altering changes, to find inner peace and overall feel better and enjoy life more. Sound attractive? Yes, absolutely – who wouldn’t want to feel more fulfilled and in control of our experiences? Dr. Naik explains her approach and provides suggestions for maximizing happiness and reducing stress.  

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Prianca Naik, MD headshot

Prianca Naik, MD headshot

Prianca Naik attended medical school at Tulane University.  After residency, she began work in a medical private practice. She found herself troubleshooting everyday life problems with her patients, but more so her colleagues, nurses, social workers, and other female physicians. In helping other professionals to improve their well-being and reduce burnout, she realized she wanted to make a contribution in addition to being a regular physician. She began working on coaching certification at the International Coaching Academy fostering her skills in blended coaching and consulting.

Professional mothers come to Prianca to uncover a lighter less stressed/overwhelmed life.  She works with them to begin using their own power to carve out the life they want for themselves.

Service: weekly 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions

If we just take one first baby step and then the next, we can empower ourselves to change our relationship with stress/anxiety and take charge of our own life experience 


I have a program with a simple model that gets the following results:

➡️Have a to do list that doesn’t continue to get longer

➡️Be comfortable with uncertainty

➡️Be more connected to your mind and body

➡️Have better vibes and energy

➡️Have inner peace

➡️Feel less exhausted


For more information, please contact stresscleansemd@gmail.com

To book an initial discovery call click https://go.oncehub.com/PriancaNaik

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