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This week on MD for Moms, I’ll be interviewing Mindful MD Mom blogger and pediatrician Dr. Nadia Sabri  about the nitty gritty issues of parenting, everything from potty training to sibling rivalry and screen time. Dr. Sabri writes an award winning blog, The Mindful MD Mom and will relay her top suggestions for parents of children of various ages to reduce stress and improve the parenting experience. We will explore how parents can adjust expectations to coincide with realistic behaviors for infants through teenagers, and ways to approach conflict that reduces rather than exacerbates stress. Parenting is tough, but Dr. Sabri will explain how to make parenting more fun and rewarding.

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I’m Dr. Nadia, I am a board certified Pediatrician, mom, yoga instructor (RYT 200), and founder of The Mindful MD Mom, an award winning Top Millennial Mom and Mindfulness blog. 
With relatable stories, easy to use tips, and mindfulness strategies, The Mindful MD Mom blog is a great resource for mindful living enthusiasts, millennial parents, and anyone who wants to more life-work balance. Dr. Nadia writes about mindful living, life-work balance, conscious parenting, holistic wellness. 
Dr. Nadia has been featured in The Washington Post, Elite Daily, Doximity, KevinMD, Motherly, MomMD,  She Knows, The Baby Spot, MD for Moms, Wholist Heath, We are Pediatricians, Help Mama Meditate— among others. Dr. Nadia enjoys advocating for the health and happiness of kids and their caregivers and seeks to empower others to live their healthiest and best lives. 

Connect with Dr. Nadia on her blog at https://themindfulmdmom.com

On instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest @themindfulmdmom

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