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This week on MD for Moms, I interview Dr. Lili Moran, Board Certified Pediatrician who started My Pocket Pediatrician, a website devoted to disseminating accurate information for parents about children’s health and safety. Dr Lili recognized the need for parents to have a website with confirmed, evidence based answers to common questions and started My Pocket Pediatrician.

Dr Lili discusses timely and important pediatric issues on our show. We delve into the flu vaccine, how to approach sensitive conversations with kids, and knowing when a common issues warrants a pediatric visit or not, plus infant health and much more. 

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Dr. Lili is a board-certified pediatrician.  She is fellowship-trained in pediatric emergency medicine and has been working in pediatrics since 2005.  She also has a masters in public health and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  She is a mom to four young children and a wife of a very supportive husband.  She started my pocket pediatrician after finding parents turning to the internet for medical advice on their kids.  She wanted to create a place where parents can find quality information about their children’s health from a trusted source with the perspective of a mom.  


twitter:  @DrLiliPocketPed

As with all shows, while we are discussing topics that may likely pertain to your child, Dr Lili is not speaking specifically about your child and thus none of this information can be considered equivalent to advice from your child’s pediatrician. Always check in with your child’s pediatrician for any issues pertaining specifically to your child’s health.

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