MD for Moms Radio | Dr. Jori Fleisher | Parkinson’s Disease | Sept 13th 2017

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This week on MD for Moms, I interview Dr. Jori Fleisher about Parkinson’s Disease. This illness made headlines when Michael J. Fox famously disclosed his experience and subsequently remained on TV despite some ongoing tremors. But, this story is deceiving because more often Parkinson’s Disease (PD) effects older people, such as the baby boomer generation (ie our parents).

The picture is not bleak – instead, Dr. Fleisher is a champion for her patients, helping them see how much the future holds.  She will educate us about PD, how to identify it, get a loved one help, and additionally about emerging treatment options.

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Parkinson's Specialist Jori Fleisher

Dr. Jori Fleisher completed her undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis, and her medical degree and internship at Northwestern University. She pursued her residency in Neurology as well as specialized training in Global Health Equities at the University of Pennsylvania. She completed a Movement Disorders fellowship and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Epidemiology, both at the University of Pennsylvania, where her graduate research focused on health literacy and patient beliefs associated with medication non-adherence in Parkinson’s Disease. Jori’s academic interests include developing innovative, as well as interdisciplinary models of care for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Jori joined the faculty of New York University in 2014, where she was Assistant Professor of Neurology and Population Health.

In a few weeks, she will join the faculty of Rush University in Chicago as Assistant Professor of Neurology, where she will continue her work on supporting the most vulnerable PD patients with interdisciplinary home visits, telemedicine, and caregiver support. She is married to an OB/Gyn and mom to a precocious 3-year old son and 9 yrear-old beagle mutt.





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