Dr. Joanna Miragaya | Thyroid Issues, Gestational Diabetes, PCOS and more! | Feb. 12th 2020 | MD for Moms Radio

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This week on MD for Moms, I interview endocrinologist Dr. Joanna Miragaya about hormone disorders that impact women. Endocrine disorders are not always quickly identified and can make life harder than necessary (think low energy, feeling blah, weight gain dry skin among other symptoms in the case of hypothyroidism, for example). When left undiagnosed and untreated, certain endocrine disorders not only make you feel crummy, but also can negatively impact fertility and may be dangerous during a pregnancy. We discuss the many endocrine disorders that impact women including gestational diabetes, postpartum thyroiditis, PCOS and more, and Dr. Miragaya explains not only diagnosis, but also the role of diet in some disorders and treatment options. 

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Dr Joanna Miragaya graduated from Valenca Medical School, Brazil. She then moved to the US, where she completed her PhD in Foods & Nutrition, focused on effects of acute stress on food and body regulation, at University of Georgia, GA. She did her Internal Medicine residency at Henry Ford Hospital, followed by fellowship in Endocrinology & Metabolism at Wayne State University, both in Detroit, MI. She is certified on Radioactive Iodine through AACE pathway and received FACE in May 2016. She enjoyed her role as an Assistant Professor at Emory University and has recently joined private practice at Wellstar Endocrinology. Her focus is on thyroid disorders and diabetes, educating and caring for patients, and assisting local physicians.

Twitter: @endojorm

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