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This week on MD for Moms, I interview Obesity medicine and Integrative medicine specialist plus board specialized nephrologist Dr. Indrani Raman about optimizing weight and wellness. Weight loss is not just one size fits all – the old view of calorie restriction and exercise as the optimal approach for all people is outdated and unfair because every body is different. Dr. Raman discusses medical weight loss options that help people find and obtain their body weight goal in a healthy and manageable way. Your genetics are involved in how you gain and lose weight, and Dr. Raman details why learning about your genetics can help determine the best diet and overall plan for you. Will you excel using a ketogenic diet or perhaps intermittent fasting is the way to go – we discuss the differences between these approaches and why every body responds differently to different diets. Mindful eating and the impact of chronic stress are also reviewed. 

Dr. Raman also focuses on integrative medicine related topics and explains the importance of maintaining normal vitamin and mineral levels, and what supplements are beneficial and which are often taken but less helpful. We explore the different types of functional medicine testing performed by Dr. Raman in her practice that you may benefit from and also techniques such as biofeedback and much more. 

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I am a board-certified nephrologist, trained in Integrative Medicine and also a certified Obesity Medicine specialist. Our practice Excel Health MD offers highly customized, patient-focused care in Murphy and Rockwall, Texas. After spending several years in a traditional medical practice as a nephrologist, I discovered my passion for holistic medicine and helping patients restore their overall wellness rather than treating the disease symptoms. Our practice provides services including holistic care, medical weight loss programs, neurofeedback, and kidney disease management. 

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Website –www.excelhealthmd.com Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/excelhealthmd Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/excelhealthmddallas/ Linkedin profile- Dr. Indrani Raman Practice information for enquiries- Phone – 972 752 3199 email – info@excelhealthmd.com. Locations – Murphy and Rockwall, Texas  ( Dallas Suburbs)

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