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This week on MD for Moms, I’ll be interviewing Dr. Heather Hammerstedt, founder of Wholist Health and co-founder and executive director of Global Emergency Care. Dr. Hammerstedt will explain how tailoring medical care through a lifestyle medical approach as she has established at Wholist Health leads to improved health and wellness. She is a Health Curator – not sure what that means? Listen to the show to learn how Dr. Hammerstedt has crafted a unique role within medicine that places the patient in the driver’s seat to obtain optimal care without needing to do all the research alone. This is a really interesting and exciting approach to medical care that will hopefully be modeled more in the future, and we will hear about it first hand.

In addition to her groundbreaking work at Wholist Health, Dr Hammerstedt has also started a non-profit called Global Emergency Care (GEC) that has changed countless lives by training non-physician clinicians to provide life-saving medical care to people living in Uganda who otherwise do not have access to the healthcare many of us take for granted. We will learn the history behind GEC, their mission and how to get involved to support this incredible group.

  • Learn more about my guest, Dr Heather Hammerstedt:

Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH is a board-certified emergency physician, full partner and assistant medical director with Vituity, a physician-owned multispecialty group, in Boise Idaho. Additionally, she is a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and CEO of Wholist, where she uses the evidence behind weight, sleep, food, exercise, mindfulness and more to help empower and implement sustainable lifestyle transformation via innovative coaching and consulting programs.

Working with her background in Integrative Nutrition, health coaching, lifestyle medicine, telehealth and medical acupuncture, she has pulled together alternative and conventional practitioners to create proactive integrative health and wellness programs around weight, fitness, women’s health and mind body care.  She came to Boise in 2008 from Boston, where she had worked as an attending Emergency Physician for Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians. She completed her medical studies at Temple University School of Medicine, and did her postgraduate residency in Emergency Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess’s Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency program. Current EM related specialization includes Idaho ACEP chapter president, family medicine residency clerkship director, and advocacy and legislative work state-wide. 

She also holds a Masters of Public Health degree from Harvard School of Public Health, with a concentration in international health sector development and nutrition. She is one of the founders of the nonprofit 501c3 organization, Global Emergency Care (GEC) and currently functions as Executive Director. GEC currently has an ongoing clinical, academic, and consultant relationship with stakeholders in Uganda, where they have created the country’s first emergency medicine training programs for advanced providers and physicians and are working with the national government to create a national emergency care system. She loves life in Idaho with her husband, skiing, rafting, running, and chasing after two small boys and a big chocolate lab.

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