Dr. Alison Escalante | The ShouldStorm of Parenthood: How To Break The Anxiety Spiral | October 23rd 2019 | MD for Moms Radio

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This week on MD for Moms, I interview Dr. Alison Escalante, a pediatrician who specializes in helping parents be skillful and happy while escaping the feeling they ‘should’ be doing something else, something more, something different for and with their kids – AKA the ShouldStorm. Dr. Escalante was seeing an over abundance of childhood anxiety in her practice and realized the way to truly change things was to start with the seminal relationship in a child’s life, the one with their parents.

We discuss how parental anxiety impacts a child and why a parents need for perfection can be detrimental to a child. We also explore how criticism manifests in anxiety for new parents and how this can trickle down to impact the inter-generational relationship between new mom and grandma, as well as between parent and child in the future. Let’s not forget about childhood anxiety – we review in detail signs a child is struggling with anxiety and how to approach such situations with sensitivity. Is it a good idea to disclose your own history of anxiety to your child if you think he or she may be similarly suffering? Tune in to learn the answer to this and many other important questions.

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Alison Escalante MD, FAAP, believes our culture of anxiety is stealing parents’ joy and telling them they can never get it right. She is a Pediatrician, TEDx Speaker, Writer and the Creator of the 3S method to help parents raise their kids skillfully AND enjoy doing it. You can find links to all her stuff at alisonescalante.com.

Dr. Escalante has degrees from Princeton in the history of ideas and Rutgers in medicine, and did her pediatric training at Duke and University of Chicago.

Check out Dr. Escalante’s TEDx Talk: The Parenting ShouldStorm

As with all shows, while we are discussing topics that may likely pertain to your child, Dr Escalante is not speaking specifically about your child and thus none of this information can be considered equivalent to advice from your child’s pediatrician. Always check in with your child’s pediatrician for any issues pertaining specifically to your child’s health.

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