COVID19 and Kids – What Parents Need To Know with Pediatricians Dr. Hina Talib and Dr. Kelly Fradin | April 8th 2020 | MD for Moms Radio

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This week on MD for Moms, I interview two Pediatricians, Dr. Hina Talib and Dr. Kelly Fradin about COVID19. There is an incredible amount of information about this novel virus floating around – some of it is valid, and some is absolutely not. Ultimately, we are living in a time of great uncertainty and significant risk. As a parent, this causes profound anxiety for understandable reasons. 

We discuss the questions parents everywhere are asking: how do I keep my children safe? Can my kids get sick from COVID19? Is my infant protected by my immunity? Can I safely breastfeed if I am COVID19 positive? We were told that children were asymptomatic carriers several weeks ago, but now there are re ports of kids spiking fevers, getting sick and even dying, so what is going on? For kids who are asymptomatic carriers, when will they be able to safely see their grandparents who have not had the virus? If I have a newborn and an older child, do I have to separate them indefinitely if I and/or my partner is COVID19 positive? Should kids be wearing masks? So many questions – these are just a spattering of what we cover.

Our understanding of COVID19 is quickly evolving, and it is important to be up to date and informed to make the safest decisions for your family. Dr. Hina Talib and Dr. Kelly Fradin walk us through what we know about COVID19 and children and separate fact from fiction. This is an invaluable show for parents during this COVID19 pandemic. 

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Dr. Kelly Fradin, pediatrician, headshot
Dr. Kelly Fradin, headshot

Dr. Kelly Fradin is a pediatrician with experience in academic complex care and public health. She lives in New York City with her husband, two small children, and miniature schnoodle. She is passionate about providing medical education and parenting tips as well as advocating for children with special healthcare needs and their inclusion.

Instagram: @adviceigivetomyfriends

Twitter: @KellyFradinMD


Dr. Hina Talib, Pediatrician, headshot
Dr. Hina Talib, headshot

Who is @teenhealthdoc? Tooting my own horn, imposter syndrome be darned! ⁣

I have been a Pediatrician for the last 14 years and an Adolescent Medicine sub-specialist for 10 years. I am grateful to the places that have trained me: @brownu @weillcornell @wellcornellpedsresidency @montefiorehealthsystem. ⁣

I am an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Pediatrics and, by courtesy, in the Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women’s Health at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore at @EinsteinMEd @chamstagram3415 where I teach, see patients, and do research. ⁣

For the past 7 years, I have been a Program Director in charge of training future Adolescent Medicine doctors at one of the oldest fellowship programs in our country. ⁣

I enjoy having a pulse on health news and I am an Associate Editor of the Journal of Pediatric Adolescent Gynecology & on the editorial board of Pediatric Annals.⁣

At my childrens hospital, I am a Medical Director of one of our inpatient units and of our Adolescent Medicine Inpatient service, where I aim to provide teen-friendly hospital services.

Nationally, I serve on the executive board of the North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology & regionally I am a past-president of the NY Chapter for Society of Adolescent Health and currently co-chair our American Academy of Pediatrics’ chapter committee on Adolescent Medicine. ⁣

Instagram: @teenhealthdoc

Twitter: @drhinatalib

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