MD for Moms Radio | Beyond Therapy | June 15th 2016

MD for Moms | Peri-Natal Psychiatry
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On Wednesday June 15th, 2016, at 1pm, I’ll be interviewing Dr. Robin Muskal in a show entitled Beyond Therapy: Expanding Your Bag Of Tricks to Ease Anxiety Naturally.

Robin and I will focus on ways to address common symptoms of anxiety that many moms experience. We will first outline different forms of anxiety and how these may manifest, and then explore ways to quickly and effectively manage these symptoms through natural methods such as breathing exercises, meditation and yoga poses.

Learn more about my guest, Dr. Robin Muskal:
Robin Muskal is a psychotherapist in Morristown NJ.  She has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has been a practitioner of mind/body therapy for over 20 years. Her practice primarily focuses on perinatal mood and transition issues with an emphasis on attachment and bonding.

Her work with NICU parents and perinatal loss is also a large part of her practice. Robin brings yoga, meditation, and a mindful way of working to her clients.

Her website has links to books, articles she has written and a CD she created for download that has mediations for anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts.

Robin is currently a board member of PSI and is the chair of the nominating committee.

Learn more about Robin here

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