Guest Post: Painful Sexual Intercourse

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Dyspareunia (dys*pa*reu*nia) means painful sexual intercourse.  The pain can occur with initial penile penetration, and/or during thrusting, and may even be there after intercourse (an after-effect). What are the causes of painful sex (dyspareunia)? There are quite a few, including ·                     Medical causes, such as vaginal infections, sexually transmitted infections, skin conditions (dermatoses), hormonal problems, conditions of the


How to Maintain Health and Wellness When You’re Self-Isolating

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If you’ve continued to stay isolated, it’s possible you’re ready for a change of pace. Keeping up with your fitness goals might seem difficult if you’re avoiding in-person studio sessions, but there are actually plenty of ways to stay in shape at home. Eating right and focusing on your mental health during this stressful time