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The case for why toxin free beauty products opens in a new window are the healthiest, safest option for women of all ages has been explored. Here are some of my favorite products that are not only safe and free of chemicals, but are also effective and awesome.

Skin and Body:

  • Ever:

    • My products of choice – this skincare line really works while remaining toxin free. The company is committed to transparency and honesty in their ingredient lists, and all of it is pregnancy safe except for the two items with Retinol (Overnight Facial Oil and Retinol Eye Wrinkle Smoother).
    • Try out the Pure Results Regimen for a strong foundation of products, and then add on from there.
    • Unsure what products to try? Take the Skin Care Test and find out personalized recommendations, all with a 30 day money back guarantee.
    • I believe in this product line so much that I have opted to personally endorse and sell it (with all proceeds going to women-focused charities).
  • Restorsea Innovative Skincare opens in a new window

    • Luxurious, toxin free skin-care at its best.
  • Nine Naturals opens in a new window

  • Coola Sunscreen opens in a new window

    • The Environmental Working Group comes out with a list of the best, toxin free sunscreens each year, and this one is consistently on top. It is easy to apply, very effective, and even has a spray version that is light and misty, not chalky and heavy.
  • Fat and the Moon opens in a new window

    • This San Francisco based company uses only the most natural ingredients to make truly effective, no-nonsense products. Their deodorant is hands down the best that I have tried. Their leave in shampoo does what seems otherwise impossible by both working and containing only all natural ingredients. They make one of the only safe pimple creams for use in pregnancy – either use it as a spot treatment, or attack the whole area by using it as a mask. I could go on about each of their products, as one is as amazing as the next. Find them on Etsy opens in a new window.
  • Juice Beauty opens in a new window

    • Juice Beauty is an organic skin care line that is completely free of toxins, and safe in pregnancy. Their Healthy Pregnancy Regimen is very comprehensive and leaves your skin looking clear, radiant and glowing. I am particularly fond of the blemish clearing powder and exfoliating wash. Their line is great for everyone, not just the mommies-to-be among us.

Hair Care Products:

There are many great products that are made without the dangerous toxic additives that abound in conventional products.
Two of my favorite companies are:

Nail Polishes

Any polish you find that is noted to be ‘3-free’ is fine; ‘5-free’ is even better. 3 or 5 free refers to polish that has been made without the most common 3 or 5 toxins found in conventional polishes. The toxins referred to are formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and in the case of 5-free, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.

My favorite 5-free nail polishes are:

Many other brands exist – if your favorites are not on this list, please let me know in the comments below!

For those of you, who like me love gel manicures, check out Calgel opens in a new window, which is reported to be toxin free also!


It is hard to pull the trigger and purge from the bundles of makeup we all have piled up in our bathroom cabinets. But, once you do decide to take the leap, there are lots of great companies making beautiful makeup that is safe and toxin free.

Why change up makeup opens in a new window? Well, among other reasons, conventional lipstick and mascara are laden with formaldehyde and even lead. Yuck.

There are many companies out there, but here are my favorites:

Unsure if your products are safe?

Don’t worry; just do a bit of research. Go to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep opens in a new window section on the web or download their free app. Punch in your brand of choice, and out will come a safety rating and a review of the good, the bad and (hopefully none of) the ugly ingredients in each product the company makes.

Future posts on this topic will delve into options for safe perfumes and more skin care options. Until then, take care of yourself and be well.



I believe some Verb products have DMDM Hydantoin, which is an ingredient that release formaldehyde. Do you know which Verb products this is in, and what the risks of this chemical are?


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