How It Works

If you are experiencing challenges related to pregnancy anxiety, postpartum depression, the pressures of being a new mom, challenges with baby bonding and/or attachment, infertility, relationship or marital problems, breast, ovarian, or a related cancer, menopause, or a major life transition, I encourage you to schedule a consultation so that we can determine the best psychiatric and holistic mental health treatment for your needs. Make an appointment

Before Your First Visit

I’ve developed a series of forms that my office will send to you before your first consultation by email, to facilitate my understanding of your comprehensive medical and wellness ‘health,’ and of your current and past mental health history, in order to help guide our initial evaluation of your current condition. For the most efficient use of our time & optimal results, I ask that you do your best to answer each question truthfully prior to arriving. If you don’t have the opportunity to complete the forms beforehand, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your consultation, so you can complete these in my office waiting area.


Your Initial Consultation

The first consultation will last 45 minutes (or longer if requested at scheduling time) and will include a comprehensive in-person assessment of your current condition. This initial visit will help me to develop an understanding of your symptoms, history, current stressors, and your goals for treatment. At the end of this session, I typically explain and order appropriate lab work-up to help rule in or out issues that may be causing or exacerbating your present condition. Before concluding, we will discuss a personalized one-on-one treatment plan, and I will outline potential modes and recommended frequency of treatment, including suggestions for initial improvements. Contact to book an appointment


On-Going Treatment

On-going treatment sessions vary by individual; to establish and maintain benefits over time most effectively, I work with individuals based on a personalized schedule, anywhere from twice weekly, weekly to monthly, as needed. My colleagues include many accomplished, talented psychotherapists, and I can refer for psychological testing or for specific forms of psychotherapy if appropriate.


Maintenance / Check-In

My philosophy, driven by experience, is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Following resolution of acute symptoms and stressors, I strongly recommend continued on-going treatment to work through more chronic issues that likely negatively affect ability to enjoy life optimally. Once these issues are resolved, we may transition to less frequent “check-in” sessions to ensure that your present health plan is meeting your current needs and lifestyle.


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