MD for Moms Radio | Dr. Margaret Aranda | Rebel Patient | Aug 9th 2017

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This week on MD for Moms, I’ll be interviewing the inspirational Dr. Margaret Aranda, a woman who has fought through pain, illness and also physical limitations to regain control over her life and her destiny. Dr. Aranda experienced more in the last 12 years since a tragic car accident than most will in a lifetime. She is now an advocate for patients by encouraging people to ‘fight for your diagnosis,’ and additionally has developed #MyCaringFriends to support pain patients and the many who feel disenfranchised from the medical community.

Have a question for Dr. Margaret Aranda about finding a diagnosis and cure or about living with pain? Call and talk to us LIVE on air: 866-451-1451

As a Keck USC and Stanford alumni, she trained in anesthesiology and critical care. She comes to us after a 12-year struggle with tragic injuries from a car accident after a distracted driver hit the gas instead of the brakes, T-boning into the left rear panel, spinning her and her daughter in a circle (her daughter is okay). Dr. Aranda sustained a traumatic brain injury, vertebral artery dissection, and dysautonomia that rendered her unable to walk or talk. She rehabilitated after fighting for her diagnosis with more than 20 doctors who thought she was pretending. Tune in for patient empowerment and validation of the patient experience.
“Margaret”, as she likes to be called, is author of scientific journal articles in anesthesiology, critical care, neurosurgery, and radiology. We will explore her latest book The Rebel Patient, as a backdrop for today’s healthcare issues that millions talk about on today’s social media: diagnosis, medical error, and the “opioid crisis.”
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