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My column on HuffPost is the written counterpart to my weekly BBM Global Network and TuneIn radio show (Wednesdays 1pm), with which it shares a title, MD for Moms.

This is the third part of a series exploring the transition to parenthood and the realities of being a new mom. Transitioning to Parenthood, Part 3: Safeguarding Your Marriage explores how a marriage can evolve with parenthood, and ways to remain connected and engaged with your partner.

Here’s a tidbit…

Imagine you are a few months postpartum and it is 9pm – the baby is asleep, and you and your partner are sitting in bed. Itโ€™s incredibly tempting at this point to engage in one of a handful of activities including sleep, watching TV, scrolling through Facebook, or replying to emails, but whatโ€™s clearly missing is sex. The sex life that many had pre-baby can easily go by the wayside in the face of new parenthood. Exhaustion coupled with hormonal fluctuations, bodily changes, nursing and feeling โ€˜over-touchedโ€™ usually leads to a notable reduction in female libido and thus less sex after baby.

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In case you missed it, the first installment, Transitioning To Parenthood, Part 1: Birth Of A Mother explored the multi-step and profound adjustment from being responsible for yourself to being the primary caregiver, role model and ultimate protector of another person. The second installment, Transitioning to Parenthood, Part 2: Planning and Setting Expectations focused on the benefits of planning during pregnancy and the postpartum period to reduce unnecessary anxiety and to provide a more seamless transition to parenthood

Be on the lookout for the next installment of this series coming soon. The final installment of this four part series will cover how mom can successfully adapt alongside her baby as the newborn stage and maternity leave end and a new chapter begins.

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